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Graduate work and discharge

What is a graduate job?

Graduate work is a final work at a higher professional school. The graduation thesis can be compared to the bachelor thesis in the university, especially because the student demonstrates the knowledge of his / her theoretical knowledge, the ability to apply this knowledge in practice and the ability to adopt a certain attitude to these findings, which is then able to defend in front of the examining board.


Discharge is a final examination at higher professional schools. This exam consists of an examination in vocational subjects, an examination in a foreign language and the processing and defense of a graduate thesis. After graduation, the student will receive a DiS. Degree.

Extent and structure of graduate work

The extent of graduate work depends on the individual types of higher professional schools, but usually varies as well as the extent of bachelor work between 30 and 40 standard pages of text. The structure of graduate work at a tertiary professional school is the same as the structure of graduate work at a university, especially as a structure of bachelor, diploma and dissertation work. The structure of the graduate thesis consists of an introduction, a theoretical and a practical part, a conclusion and a list of sources used. However, graduate work can be focused in the same way as a bachelor’s thesis purely theoretically, but also in this case it usually touches on certain problems from the practice of the given field.

The procedure for writing graduate work

Graduate work: choice of topic

The list of graduate theses is presented to students by the school. As a rule, the student has a choice of a large number of graduate theses (as opposed to the selection of topics in the elaboration of a seminar or year work or paper). However, in agreement with the supervisor, the student may propose his / her own topic of graduate work as well as the bachelor or diploma thesis. A specific feature of the elaboration of the graduate thesis is that one student can work together and defend more students. However, the graduate thesis processed in this way is evaluated using more demanding criteria for processing and defense. In other types of schools, the joint elaboration of a given work is more typical for seminar or year work or papers.

Cooperation with the head of graduate work

If a student has already chosen the topic of his / her graduate thesis, he / she is obliged to compile with his / her supervisor a preliminary list of professional sources of graduate work and to prepare a preliminary timetable for the elaboration of individual parts of the thesis. These data are also part of the assignment of the graduate thesis that the student submits to his school. During the elaboration of the graduate work, the student (as well as during the bachelor, diploma or dissertation work) is obliged to cooperate with his / her supervisor. The task of the thesis supervisor consists mainly in giving methodological instructions or advice in processing the work.

Graduate thesis: submission and defense

After the thesis is approved by the supervisor, the student is obliged to submit his / her graduate thesis. The bachelor, diploma, doctoral, doctoral, and habilitation theses must be submitted in two copies bound in A4 hardcover and in electronic form. After submitting the thesis, the supervisor and the opponent of the graduate work will elaborate her opinion with the proposed grade and any questions or comments. The defense of the graduate thesis is oral and usually takes 20 minutes. The student will briefly present his / her work, present the results of the research contained in the practical part and answer the questions contained in the thesis review.

Basic criteria for evaluation of graduate work

There is currently no firm structure of criteria for evaluating graduate, bachelor, master or dissertation theses. Despite this, several basic criteria can be identified by which the supervisors and opponents orient themselves in their assessment. The first is the formal aspect of the work.

Formal adjustment of graduate work

The graduate thesis must be structured according to the principles of structuring the text set by the individual schools, ie the correct division of the work into the individual parts and chapters and the observance of all formal requirements of the work as abstract, statement of authorship and thanks to the supervisor. However, evaluators also focus on the correct alignment of text, margin settings, font size, spacing, indentation, and page numbering of graduate work.

Adequate resources and scientific concepts

Working with resources is also an important criterion for evaluating graduate work. The basis of this evaluation criterion is the adequate selection of literature in terms of suitability and significance of the individual sources and its correct citation according to the current citation standards. Graduate work is also evaluated from the point of view of its scientific concept, ie from the point of view of an objective approach to the studied facts and also the use of a professional language at the level of a graduate of a higher professional school.

Graduate work and expressing one’s own opinion

An important part of graduate work is also the expression of personal opinion or attitude to the topic being processed. However, in expressing his / her opinion, the student must be aware of the fact that it is not a consideration (essay), where personal opinion is the basis of the text, but not even a paper where personal opinion is not mentioned at all.