MBA work

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Brief characteristics of MBA work

MBA work, ie MasterĀ“s thesis or MasterĀ“s dissertation, is an academic text whose processing is an essential part of the final exams at foreign universities. This type of work can be considered an analogy of diploma work. However, the specificity of MBA work is that it must be written in English. In the UK, the entry and processing of this type of work began to appear after 1989, especially as part of the completion of managerial studies. However, MBA has not achieved such a degree of familiarity in the UK as today, for example, bachelor, diploma, rigorous or dissertation.

The benefits of MBA work

High level of English language skills

MBA work comes from the Anglo-Saxon world, its specificity is the necessity of its processing in English language and the lack of professional resources in the language necessary for its processing – it follows from the above facts that the author of the MBA must prove its excellent knowledge of English, especially then managerial English. Excellent knowledge of English increases the author’s value in the labor market and often his personal prestige.

MBA work as a quality preparation for employment

The MBA thesis serves its author as a very good preparation for achieving top functions within the company management. In fact, MBA works against diploma theses, which are very often focused solely on theoretically, dealing with the real and practical environment of a particular company. It is no exception that the results of the MBA research problem are applied after careful review directly to business practice. By elaborating the MBA work, the student is also initiated and introduced into the environment of the company, which increases his future chance to become an employee.

Increase financial valuation

One of the many other benefits of elaborating the MBA work and thus the profit of the MBA certificate is the increase of the author’s financial evaluation within his profession, which usually occurs after the completion of the MBA study. This increase is often associated with the possibility of establishing a number of important contacts that the author has during his MBA study, and with the possibility of understanding the complex structure of the organization in which the author is or will be employed.

MBA work structure

Each school that offers MBA studies enters its own patterns for the formal structure of the MBA work. At the beginning of 2011, more than thirty schools offered an accredited MBA course in the UK, each of which had and has its own standards and its own MBA assessment criteria.

Emphasis on application of MBA work in practice

MBA work is very often processed in the form of a case study or project. This case study is usually long-term and focused on a particular company environment. The MBA thesis is therefore the conclusion of this case study. The project contained in the MBA work must be very precisely processed and its functionality must be verified in practice by a particular company. Therefore, the requirements for elaboration of MBA work are very high, its processing must comply with international standards of this type of work and moreover, the project mentioned in this type of work must be functional in all respects and applicable to the real environment of the organization.

MBA thesis versus bachelor, diploma or dissertation

MBA work is therefore very different in structure from most dissertation, diploma and often bachelor’s theses. The elaboration of the MBA does not require its structural division into a theoretical and practical part, nor is there an appeal for the content of these two parts. MBA work is in itself a kind of interconnection of the theoretical and practical part of the above-mentioned theses. When writing an MBA, the author’s expertise in the problem is taken for granted and its ability to successfully and effectively apply it in real-life conditions is evaluated.

Processing MBA work

MBA thesis topic

Nowadays, most MBA students are already employed by first or second degree graduates. As with the bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral thesis, the student is assigned a study advisor (supervisor) from among his lecturers, who has the appropriate experience in processing this type of work. MBA topics are mostly designed by students themselves. As corporate employees, they are best acquainted with the specific issues of managerial practice or with the possibilities of improving the company’s operation.

MBA topics are most often related to corporate governance and management, the organization’s structure and culture, marketing and strategic management, and the management and individuality of human resources.

Formal requirements of MBA work

From a formal point of view, the MBA must contain, just like other types of qualification papers, an abstract with key words, an introduction, a conclusion and lists of cited literature, tables, abbreviations and appendices. It is also important to mention that in the case of MBA work, it is necessary to follow the correct citation standards of professional sources as well as all types of academic texts.

Submission of the thesis and its defense

The way of submitting the MBA work, as well as the method of submitting the qualification works (bachelor, diploma, rigorous or dissertation work), again differs according to the type of school where it is awarded. Usually, however, MBA work is required to be submitted in a hardcover and electronic copy.

After submitting the MBA thesis, her defense follows. This defense is the same as the defense of the thesis. The student receives the assessors’ assessments, ie the head of his / her work and the opponent, and after presenting his / her work answers questions or comments contained in their opinions. A specific feature of MBA thesis defense is the language in which it is conducted. The defense of the MBA is conducted in the language in which the thesis is written, ie mostly in English.

MBA evaluation criteria work

The requirements for MBA work vary depending on the school where the MBA is awarded. In general, however, these requirements are very high and must correspond to the international level of processing of these works.

Knowledge of English

One of the requirements is a high level of knowledge of the English language in which the work is done. At present, there are several schools in the UK that allow the elaboration of MBA work in English language.

Usability in practice

The MBA thesis places great demands on its use in practice. The MBA thesis is focused on a particular company or rather on a particular company problem, on the basis of which the author creates his / her project or MBA thesis case study. If the usefulness of MBA work in practice is low, processing of this work loses its meaning and its evaluation is negative.

Close focus of MBA work

It follows from the above paragraph that the focus of MBA work is very narrow, making it difficult to process. MBA work is not a theoretical text, but a professional text. Therefore, this type of work is evaluated in particular from the point of view of the author’s ability to use his / her expertise acquired during his / her studies in practice.


When evaluating an MBA, the author’s ability to collaborate in teamwork, ie his ability to work effectively with human resources, is also taken into account. Teamwork is evaluated not only during the elaboration of MBA work in the environment of a particular company, but also in its future usability in the practice of teamwork.