Writing the Best Help Book Report

The Best Help Book Report Written

Writing your report on the Help is not different from all other reports. You need to start by first summarizing the story, and then analyzing it. You need to discuss the themes, characters, and other crucial components that capture the story’s essence. These components include:

  • Proper summary of the book
  • Analysis of the themes
  • Analysis of the characters
  • Description of the place and time setting
  • Details of the author, books title, and type of the report you are writing

The Help Summary

The book is set in old-time America back in 1962, in Mississippi. It is one of the books whose focus is on the impacts of racial discrimination. The story, written by Kathryn Stockett, is about her home town, Jackson, where she discusses domestic violence issues, prejudice over the low-class and poor in society, and issues young women encounter as a result of forced early marriages that made them housewives. She features three main characters in her narration, namely: Minny, Miss Skeeter, and Aibileen through, whom she tells individuals stories and battles women fought back in the days.

Character Analysis

The story reveals that each woman had their fights and crosses to carry despite having collective and societal issues. She describes how each of the ladies was able to engage in wild and seemingly illegal adventures. Through these characters, readers get to understand the life of the black woman as a maid and voiceless individual back then.

Noteworthy Themes

Like all other books worth mentioning, The Help is one that comes loaded with heavy and emotive themes that trigger mixed reactions. One can easily conclude that this novel's power lies in the truth expressed by the author in every written letter. One theme that comes through so powerfully is racial inequality, which is also seen through the different societal conflicts. The author also focuses on friendships as a theme, where she writes about the different friendships involving employers and employees.

Better Treatment in Some cases

Still, on the issue of friendships, it is clear that not all employees had bad employers. Stockett captures positive and healthy relationships between employers and employees in some instances. Through the story of Minny, and her employer, Celia, readers understand that there were some better relationships between employers and employees.

Generosity that Shines

One other theme that shines through the entire story is that of societal generosity, which helps people overcome challenges brought about by little pay. She captures this spirit through the church and religious community, an ever-present safe place for those who needed refuge in certain situations. After all, there was always hope to look back to when all seemed grim and sad.

Balance in Society

The story is told through the eyes of the three young women, coming together in a balance that shows society's boundaries. As you read through the book, you will notice the passion and joy captured through each letter.

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